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The 19th China Hotel Golden Horse Award Ceremony

Inspired by the logo of “Top Tourist City of China”- Galloping Horse Trending on a Flying Swallow, China Hotel Golden Horse Award symbolizes the highest honor of China Hotel Industry, which is also known as the “Oscar Award” of the Industry. With 18 years of continuous influences, China Hotel Golden Horse Award has gained wide recognition and high reputation, and the owners of which have been regarded as the benchmark of the industries.

Still referring the international selection tradition, the 18th China Hotel Golden Horse Awards will be selected and produced from the finalists of cultural tourism & Hotels, top 100 catering enterprises, top 100 partners of 2018-2019(including manufacturers, service providers, suppliers, hotel design agencies) of industr y chain, China featured tourism towns, boutique hotels, ecological farms, as well as Top 100 Influence Elites of China Hotel Industry of 2018-2019. For individuals or enterprises that meet the above requirements.


2018-2019 Best Hotel Brands Awards:
Best Hotel Group / Hotel Management Company Award, Monomer Hotel Award, Figure Award, Famous Dishes/ Dim Sum Award, etc.
2018-2019 Best Commercial and Tourism Real Estate Award:
Awards for Commercial Real Estate, Tourism Real Estate, Cultural Tourism Projects/Featured Town, Figures, etc.
2018-2019 Best Catering Awards
Awards for Catering Group /Catering Management Company, Catering Boutique, Figures, Famous Dishes/ Dim Sum, etc.
2018-2019 Figure Awards:
China Hotel Elites List--Top 100 Influential Figures of the Year, including Lifetime Achievement Award, Platinum Five-Star Elite, Five-Star Elite, Platinum Elite
2018-2019 Best Suppliers Awards:
Comprehensive Awards for Enterprise Group/ Figures, Top 100 Suppliers and Service Providers
2018-2019 Best Design Agency Awards:
Comprehensive Awards for Enterprises, Design Cases and Figures, Supreme Award, etc.


  • For Famous Dishes/Dim Sum, The 19th China Hotel Golden Horse Award
  • For Enterprises, The 19th China Hotel Golden Horse Award
  • For Characters, The 19th China Hotel Golden Horse Award
  • Award Setting& Application Selection (For Catering)
  • Award Setting& Application Selection (For Hotels)
  • Award Setting& Application Selection (For Real Estate and Design Institute)
  • TAward Setting& Application Selection (For Suppliers)

Application Materials

For Enterprises/Institutes Awards:
  • 1. Complete “Annual Enterprise/Agencies Award” application form; provide the duplicate of its business license (Red Seal necessary with the yearly check Seal.)
  • 2. The contestant enterprises own publicity material and LOGO (AI)
  • 3. The hotel provides 10 photos of appearance, the lobby, guest room, restaurant, supporting facilities (JPG, more than 300dpi).Catering enterprises provide with five photos of appearance, hall, restaurant rooms (JPG, more than 300dpi), Suppliers and design institutions provide 5 photos of enterprise image, and representative works(JPG, more than 300dpi).
  • 4. Introductions Within 1000 words in English and Chinese version.
  • 5. The contestant hotel must provide two tickets of hotel common rooms and one ticket of suites (including breakfast). Room vouchers include breakfast and shall be valid for one year, holiday all can experience.
  • 6. Hotel group that applies for the award should provide not only with the graphic introduction of one selected item which has profound influence in the industry, but 2 Standard Room tickets and 1Executive Suit ticket (breakfast included) which are valid for one year and can be experienced in any holidays.
For Figure Awards:
  • 1. Complete “Personal Awards” application form.
  • 2. Clear and recent bust personal photo.
  • 3. Individual introduction within 1000 words in English and Chinese version.
  • 4. Corporate Logo (AI).
  • 5. Honorary Certificate copies (The original one for future reference).
For Famous Culinary Awards:
  • 1. Complete “Annual Culinary Awards”application form.
  • 2. Provide name and high-resolution photos of contestant dishes (JPG, more than 300dpi).
  • 3. Copy for application form is available.

Participating Timing

Submission: From November 1st, 2018
Awards Announcement: March 22nd, 2019
Award Ceremony: March 22nd, 2019

Selection Rules

*The organizer will hold the appraisal activities in line with “authoritative fair and open" principle.
*The organizer will decide the final award according to the level of enterprise or individual.
*The organizers reserves the right of canceling the selection qualifications of default enterprises.
*The organizer reserves the right to use the information of the submitted materials in any time and do not need to get any enterprise permission.

The Selection Process

Stage 1: Nominee Recommendation

The nominees are recommended by their governmental competent departments. Taking the international selection tradition, the portion of nominees and winner is 5:1.

Stage 2: Nomination Notice

Nominees will receive the nomination notice from the organizing committee.

Stage 3: Submission of Materials

Nominees should submit necessary materials in time.

Stage 4: Primary Selection

The primary list is made according to submitted materials.

Stage 5: Evaluation of Experts

The evaluation of experts, held by Tourism Research Center of CASS and China Career Research Center of Peking University, accounts for 30% of the result.

Stage 6: Public Voting

Public voting is available on of f icial website, partner media, Weibo, WeChat and SMS, which accounts for 20% of the result.

Stage 7: Golden Horse VIP Experience

Entrip, Cheif New Media of China's Cultural Tourism Industr y, will select some VIPs who have consumed in the contestant cultural tourism complex , hotels or restaurants, which accounts for 20% of the result.

Stage 8: Judge Panel's Voting

The authoritative judge panel will have a comprehensive evaluation on the nominated list, which accounts for 30% of the result.

Stage 9: Vote Counts

The final result will be made by the organizing committee through comprehensive evaluation.

Stage 10: Award Notice

Awarding notice will be sent by the organizing committee.

Stage 11: Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will be held during the 19th China Cultural Touriam Global Forum. Related certificates and prize medals will be awarded to winners.

Stage 12: Mass Promotion

Final list will be announced on mainstream media, promoting the winners of awards.

Golden Horse Award Legend

Previous Winners of China Golden Horse Award (Selection in random)

It is on this platform that many outstanding brands have got authorized recognition and now become famous all around the world.

“Oscar Award” Ceremony of China Hotel Industry