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Business- Opportunity Connecting Meeting

  Specially set by the Organizers, this meeting aims at providing consultation service by appointment for partners who have the requirement of linking "Investment &Management, Funds &Projects, Brands &Capital, Talents & Enterprises, and Products &Channels".

Private Meeting of Elites from Real Estate, Cultural Tourism& Hospitality Industry

  2019 Spring Social Gathering of Presidents &Secretary-Generals from Real ,Estate Trade Associations ,The 2nd Council Meeting of the 3rd Hotel Investors Association of CRECC,The 2nd Council Meeting of the 3rd Asia Pacific Hotel Association (APHA)

"Atlantis" Welcome Banquet

  "Atlantis" Theme Welcome Cocktail Party is such a special section that developers form tourism real estate, commercial real estate and “hotel plus real estate”, board chairman and top executives from hotel and catering groups, investment firms and banks, fund managers and holders, representative suppliers in the industry chain and other elites will gather together in a light and harmonious atmosphere and explore business opportunities to the upmost extent.

"The Night of Fosun" 2019 Charming China• Celebrity Banque

  It is the most high-end, most fashionable and most popular themed banquet in China’s cultural tourism and hotel industry. With chic atmosphere, innovative ideas and themes, this elite-celebrity-media- gathered feast creates unforgettable memories for each guest, meanwhile provides best communication environment to enhance friendship.

G100 Presidium Meeting & President Family Banquet (Concurrent, by invitation only)

  As one of the most valuable part of CTGF, this family banquet is specially presided over by presidents of Hotel Investors Association of CRECC, with presidium and special guests invited. It is a small circle of gathering held in a private, warm and artistic environment.

2019 China Hotel Investors Supply-Side Industry Chain Fair (Spring)

  Aiming at enhancing supply-side industry chain upgrade, China Hotel Investors Supply-Side Industry Chain Fair is a customized, boutique and professional exhibition, with the most domestic cultural tourism investors, the highest level of attendees and business-opportunity connecting service provided.The fair is held twice a year, spring fair in every March and autumn fair in August. During the fair, high-level global forum, themed social banquet with regard to domestic cultural tourism will be held, providing precious opportunities for exchange, a platform for business cooperation, and a bridge for friendship.

2018-2019 Finals of CRECC Golf Club

  CRECC Gol f Club is a nat ional industr ial non-prof it organi z at ion under direc t leadershi p of CRECC, voluntarily formed by golf players from real estate developers, hotel investors, upstream and downstream suppliers, investment banks and other corporations.

Project Visit

  Adhering to the idea of providing participants with an exchange opportunity for learning, a platform for cooperation, a bridge for enhanced friendship, a tie for investment and financial, the business visit well-planned in The 19th CTGF will be held on March 29, 2019, starting a business- opportunity discovery trip that includes visits to projects of tourism real estate and commercial real estate, famous hotels and enterprises of vice presidents of Hotel Investors of CRECC & Asia Pacific Hotel Association.