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Empowerment and the Pursuit of Bright Future

New times, new journey, new cooperation!

This is a grand event that influences the global hotel and tourism industry. In the new era of empowerment, who can become the leader of the industry?

For 19 years, initiated by China Hotel Magazine, the annual China Cultural Tourism Global Forum has become one of the most premium windows for discussing hot topics of global hotel and tourism industry, a “place” for perceiving cultural tourism and hotel developing direction, an ideal "ferry" for people to sail for a better life.

We are foretellers of tourism trends, focusing on hot topics, new things and pattern, and the analysis of the industry.

We are implementes of integrating multiple resources including real estate, tourism, hotel, catering, technology, finance, cultural and media.

We are drivers and witnesses to Chinese hotel and tourism industry, lighting up the future of the industries.

The arrival of mass cultural tourism has brought about cross-border integration and globalization. Hence, we propose to remain true to original aspiration and keep the mission, down to earth, dedicate fully and forge ahead, think globally and act locally, break down industry trade barriers to build an open and mutual-beneficial industry complexion. Also, we appeal to enhance mutual cooperation to seize new historical opportunities.

Collision of ideas among people, science and industry, can generate more breakthroughs of the development.

In March, 2019, we welcome leaders from relevant industries to gather in Hainan to have a wonderful discussion upon the development of tourism industry, and to build a new sharing industrial ecosystem.

China Cultural Tourism Global Forum, where prominent entrepreneurs, economists, financiers and leaders of tourism industry gather, enables you to know clearly about the current world situation and industry trends.

It will be really nice to meet you there. Let’s embrace each other and witness “Empowerment and the Pursuit of Bright Future” together!

Organizing Committee of the 19th China Cultural Tourism Global Forum